Kayla & Manny – Bear Creek Mountain Resort – Wedding Highlight Film – Lehigh Valley PA

Kayla & Manny’s story began in Emmaus High School in Pennsylvania. It was September 2009 when the had their first encounter coming home on the school bus. A simple smile at each other, a quick glance, and there it began. As the year passed by they talked sometimes, but nothing more than a sentence or two on the bus rides home. Soon it was the last day of school beginning summer break and because of that Kayla decided to go home with a friend so she was not on the bus that day. However, her sister called her and told her something they both were shocked at. “Kayla, that hot kid on the bus talked to me and told me to have a good summer,” her sister said.

Summer flew by fast and school began again in September. During the first day of school Kayla realized that the so called “hot kid on the bus” was in her gym class. She excitedly told her sister when she saw her later that day and she gave her some advice that she just laughed off. Kayla finally found out his name because of the attendance call in gym class. Manny Beltran. He was a senior and Kayla was a junior in high school at the time. As September went by they talked more and more in their gym class, but never decided to get together outside of school. On October 1st, Manny was in an unusually good mood in gym class and so Kayla asked him why that was and he told her it was his birthday and that he got a new cell phone. Kayla obviously said happy birthday, but gym class was soon over and Kayla went about her day. Later on Kayla saw Manny in the hallway and he said “Hi” to her so Kayla walked over to him and his friend. Manny and her talked for a bit when he finally said “Kayla got a new phone what’s your number?” Her heart started beating faster. Kayla could not believe that “the hot guy on the bus” asked her for her number. They immediately began texting after school that day but it did not go as planned. He was asking her for advice about another girl that he liked; he wanted to take her to the homecoming dance in two weeks. So Kayla sucked it up and gave him the best advice that Kayla could.

It was only a few days later that Manny and Kayla realized that there was a real connection between the two of them. But there was a problem, they both already had dates to the Homecoming dance. They decided not to ditch their other dates and agreed to go as planned before. A few days later, on October 20th, 2010, Manny asked her to be his girlfriend and that’s where their love for each other began to grow. Throughout the years they had their ups and downs in their relationship but fate always brought them back together and they are excited to share the rest of their lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Manny Beltran!

Cast & Crew

Venue – Bear Creek Mountain Resort
Entertainment – Soundfactor Entertainment
Cake – Piece a Cake
Photo – Love in Life Photography
Video – Bar None Films
Flowers – Macungie Posey Patch
Officiant – Mrs. Murphy