Alyssa & Brett – Woodstone Country Club – Wedding Highlight Film – Lehigh Valley, PA


Alyssa Czahor

Alyssa is the most caring and genuine person that I have ever met. She truly exudes compassion and goodwill and that is what I admire most about her. After graduating from Penn State, she moved to Denver to pursue a degree in Nursing. She has worked in some truly difficult jobs as a Nurse and I can’t believe the strength she has to show up and do her job every single day. Alyssa is always encouraging me and makes me feel invincible. I love to laugh with her and have deep conversations with her. I also like to eat Saturday morning Donuts and watch murder-mystery documentaries together. But most of all, I just like being with her. The good and the bad, I want it all.  You were the one thing I got right. – Brett


Brett Cotter

The world is a better place because of Brett Cotter. Even in a room full of people, it would be impossible to avoid Brett’s charismatic and lovable personality. From his dad jokes to his endless wit, Brett is sure to make you laugh and become a valuable friend. Born and raised in Albuquerque, Brett first sought out a more artistic career choice; however, with his ongoing ambition to integrate his creative and technical sides, Brett is now in a network design engineering role with Comcast. Brett’s growing intelligence and determination for success are beyond admirable. His skills stretch far beyond his career though. Brett is able to cook up amazing foods of all ethnicities with a glass of wine in hand. Despite his exceptional ability to make one of the best steaks I have ever had, Brett is also the first person willing to indulge in greasy pizza and gas station candy bars. Truly, Brett is the best of both worlds. He is your partner full of wisdom and support during the hard times and your carefree, giggling best friend during the fun. My world is beyond a better place because of the life I get to live with Brett Cotter. – Alyssa

Cast and Crew

Entertainment – Rick Hasonich
Cake – Custom Cakes by Adele
Photo – Zak Zavada Photography
Video – Bar None Films
Flowers –Phoebe Floral Shop