Dena & Anthony – Philadelphia Wedding Highlight Film – Same Day Edit

Anthony and Dena met in high school. He tried and tried to get her to “talk to him” but of course she wouldn’t have it! They were friends but she just didn’t see “boyfriend” in him. He was more of the “class clown” or jokester type of guy and she was more of the “quiet girl” and choose a different type of guy. Anthony and Dena reconnected in August 2009, and at that time began dating. They had a short breakup in 2012 for about 5 months because she thought our relationship wasn’t moving along progressively as it should have.

This made Anthony very upset and Dena sad also. He tried literally everyday to win her back. He would tell her, her family, his family, friends and coworkers that he would get her back through hell or high waters, that he was coming with guns blazing to win her back! It was through his fight to win her back that she knew he was the man she would marry. He loved her!!! He fought for them, he showed her and he proved it.

They really are a match made in heaven. God has blessed them both with one another and they thank Him daily! As they move on to this next chapter their marriage they vow to one another to love honor and respect each other and always keep God first. Here’s looking forward to their happily ever after!

Philadelphia Same Day Edit Wedding Highlight Video