Catherine & Thomas – Pocono Lake Reserve – Highlight Wedding Film

Thomas and Kate met in graduate school at the Ohio State University, where they were both pursuing PhDs in astrophysics. The two immediately clicked and became friends, but they didn’t realize they were in love with each other until they spent an evening observing together at a telescope on top of a mountain in Arizona. Thomas and a few other graduate students were there, but the rest of them fell asleep, leaving Thomas and Kate alone to man the telescope controls and talk into the night.

Four years later, the two scheduled another observing run together at that very same observatory. The first evening, as they watched the sun set over the beautiful desert mountains, Thomas got down on one knee and proposed.

Their wedding was at a lakeside community in the Poconos. The day began for Thomas with coffee and doughnuts with the guests, followed by an intense kickball game on the ball field and a cookout lunch. Kate and her bridesmaids got ready at a nearby family friend’s house on the lake.

They exchanged vows at the Worship Grove, a beautiful clearing in the woods used for Quaker services within the community. They then returned to a rustic dining hall overlooking the lake for cocktails and a dinner reception. Thomas and Kate’s first dance as a married couple was to the Frank Sinatra version of “Our Love is Here to Stay” — dancing and hilarity ensued for hours, followed by a bonfire alongside the lake for the late-night crowd. It was a beautiful weekend celebration of love, family, and friends.

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