What happens at a consult? Aug22


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What happens at a consult?

What happens at a consult?

Over here at Danielle Pasternaks really great wedding blog, she breaks down the subject.

A complimentary (or free) consultation is something that most wedding vendors offer to potential clients like yourself before you start officially working together. The consultation (or meeting, pow-wow, whatever) usually takes place in an office, at a local meeting spot (like Starbucks) or can also be done over the phone or via Skype (FaceTime, BrideLive, you get the idea).  It can last anywhere from 15 minutes (or quicker) to about an hour. Typically, you will travel to the vendor’s general area for this meeting. If travel is too far (say you live in San Francisco, but your vendors are in PA where you’re planning your wedding) then a phone/Skype call is recommended. This consult is free and requires no obligation on your part.

-From Dpnak.com“Free consultations, complimentary consultations, and what do they mean?”

Danielle nails it so just to echo a few points. When you schedule a consult with us come prepared to pepper us with questions! We set aside an hour or more for consults. There is never a rush! Take your time and let’s cover all the bases. We say it all the time, a prepared bride is a bride we want to work with. The more information you can give us about your vision the better prepared we can be to deliver.

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