Stephanie and Adrian Wedding at Saucon Valley Acres

A few weeks ago, we were the photography company for Adrian and Stephanie.  This was a wedding that we were really excited for because of their theme.  They really love Harry Potter, as do we, so we knew it was going to be a fun one.  The whole bridal party had wands. Adrian bought Stephanie the Harry Potter book Series. They created their version of The Daily Prophet to hand out during the ceremony. Adrian had an awesome Gryffindor neck tie, among a few other details that I’m probably missing.  It was awesome!

They had the ceremony in the woods at the Jordan United Church of Christ before heading to Lockridge Park for their formals and creative session.  Lockridge was a great spot for the photography due to the Harry Potter castle like setting.  I even transformed one of their photos into a Harry Potter setting.  I placed them at the gates of where Madam Hooch taught the first years to ride a broomstick.  

After our fun at the park we headed to Saucon Valley Acres for the remainder of the day.  The night was filled with lots of events.  They did the traditional first dance, parent dances, garter and bouquet toss, dollar dance and cake cutting.  The day was fun and I’m very thankful that we were hired to capture all the memories of the day.  We wish you two a lifetime of no encounters with dementors