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Ronni and Dave Wedding at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Ronni and Dave chose Bar None to Photograph their wedding day and I couldn’t be happier with that decision.  They are an amazing couple.  I photographed their engagement shoot a number of months before their wedding day, so that always makes me even more excited for the big day.

That day came in September.  The day started out at Bear Creek and remained at Bear Creek until the very end.  After everyone was dressed and ready to start the day, Ronni and her father had a first look.  It was a very special moment.  Ronni’s father got to see his daughter all grown up and about to get married.  The moment was filled with love and yes, some tears.  Afterwards, Ronni headed outside to meet Dave for the first time for their own first look.  This is always a magical moment between the couple.  When their eyes met, we all could see just why they are getting married.  They have a very strong connection to one another.  We took a few more photos before getting ready for the ceremony.

Some think that having first look takes away from the ceremony.  I think this is far from the truth.  Dave was just as emotional for the second big moment of the day.  Their ceremony was very beautiful.  Perfect weather, perfect setting and no bugs helped as well.  After they signed the Ketubah, broke the glass, and kissed; everyone shouted Mazel Tov!!  They were married and ready to start their life together!

I wish nothing but the best for Ronni and Dave.  They are such a cute couple and I consider them my friends. Thank You, Ronni and Dave, for choosing Bar None to capture the moments on one of the biggest days in your lives.