Partying 101

This was a June wedding we provided entertainment for at Shawnee Golf Resort in the Poconos. I have been wanting to write a blog post about this event for awhile as the group was one of the most fun of the summer. With all the prep finished for our weekend events I thought this was a great time. The Escudero-Laubach wedding began the night before at a Luau BBQ on Friday night. You could tell from the dancing and fun the night before that the wedding was gonna be a special one.

Of note, the night before the power went out during the two weddings that were happening inside while our group was partying in the Riverside Pavilion for the luau. No worries though from our end, our power in the pavilion stayed on, but even if it didn’t we ALWAYS come prepared with a backup plan! We can operate our entire system off battery power for up to 1 hr during a power outage. The upset brides/guests the night before at the other two weddings reminded me why we go the extra mile!

Saturday started off with amazing scenery for the Riverside Sanctuary. We provided the music and wireless system for the officiant in addition to a third PA system on the front veranda of the hotel for cocktail hour. The bride chose great songs for the ceremony including: Butterfly Waltz, River flows in you by Yiruma and Portuguese love theme by Craig Armstrong. For after the kiss and the recessional Laura chose bittersweet symphony instrumental. This song really does work great minus the lyrics in the instrumental only version.

Photos courtesy Nicole Marie Photography!

After a wonderful sunny cocktail hour the party started. I called this post partying 101 cause this was just that, a course in having an ultra fun memorable wedding. I guarantee Scott and Laura’s friends will remember this event for a long time. The entrances were super high energy, each member of the Bridal Party played their part setting the tone for the evening. The couple is from Hawaii so IZ – Somewhere over the rainbow was the logical choice for first dance. The speeches were fantastic including a fitting tribute to the grandparents who has passed. Perfectly planned and prepared MOH and Best Man added to the fantastic evening.

Photos courtesy Nicole Marie Photography!

Once dinner was over it was on. The floor was immediately packed. My DJ assistant Carrie did an excellent job with the music mixing the songs on the couples playlist with classics & top 40 hits. The floor was not empty one time the entire evening. After the first set of dancing we had a limbo contest, followed up by a very special dance competition. (where the all the contestants were given a heads up except one unlucky fella who would end up the butt of a prank by his fellow groomsmen and scott!) As you can see by the photos, (All photos courtesy Nicole Marie Photography!)  this group exemplified the preparation and attention to details that make for a fantastic party. From the dance contest to the song selection they really nailed it. It was our pleasure to be a part of this great evening.