Besides getting lost and driving around the Kutztown country side (which might I add is beautiful),  what a gorgeous fall day for an engagement shoot!!   Paige and Justin hired me for their wedding next summer, so they wanted some engagement photos for their save-the-dates.  Also, they wanted to get used to being in front of the camera in preparation for their wedding.  Well, they didnt seem to need much direction.  They warmed up to the camera pretty fast and seemed to enjoy their day together.

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Contributing Photographer

Haley Adair

There are many reasons it’s important to take engagement photos once you make it official. As a couple who likely has never been photographed professionally before, the engagement session is one of the greatest services you and your fiancé can take advantage of prior to your wedding. Some couples may feel it’s a waste of time or isn’t necessary, but there are many valuable reasons why you’ll benefit from utilizing this opportunity.

Establishing a relationship with your photographer before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding photos. Spend about an hour or two getting to know your pro, listening to them, having fun with them, and then get photographed. They’ll take note of how you interact with each other, your individual personalities and even your quirks. These details will help them capture moments on the wedding day that are unique to just the two of you.