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Natasha & Josh – The View at Morgan Hill – Wedding Highlight Film – Easton PA

Little did they know that a small island named Grenada would be the catalyst for the beginning of an eternal love story. Each coming from different backgrounds, they journeyed to the middle of the ocean with a dream of becoming a physician in August 2013. What they didn’t know, was that God had a much better plan in store for the both of them! As they journeyed to start their medical and Master of Public Health dual-degrees, Natasha and Josh were in the same classes together, but barely interacted. One day, when Josh entered the classroom, Natasha said, “I don’t think I will ever be friends with that guy!” Over time, she began to realize how wrong that statement was. From being in the same dorm, to having the same classes, an unexpected friendship blossomed.

Little talks in class, turned into grocery shopping trips, to walks at night overlooking the water. What started out as short walks, turned into hours long, where they shared every detail of their lives, their struggles, and their hearts. Through this, a deep, unspoken bond developed between the two of them, that each of them could not fully understand. Moreover, they soon realized how they enjoyed the exact same activities – from playing tennis to going to church, to helping others; they were perfect for each other, even though they didn’t realize it yet!

Over the next 5 years, they developed an unshakeable friendship grounded on faith that overcame every adversity they faced: numerous tests in medical school, studying for licensing exams, and long hours in the hospital with people who were sick and dying. For over a year, these struggles brought tears, suffering, and strife, which continually tested their relationship. However, through this they were still there for each other, even during the hardest moments, which strengthened and matured their love for one another. It was not just a whirlwind romance, but they learned the true meaning of love, which is endurance, steadfastness, and patience.

Fast forward to April 14th, 2018, where God’s Plan came to fulfillment on the mountain of Morgan Hill in Easton, PA, where Josh got on his knee and placed the ring on Natasha’s finger. This signified the eternal union of two people, whose story was written before they even met. Overlooking the majesty of the Lehigh Valley, the hills and valleys, they peered into their future together, beaming with joy, excited to share their life together. Through it all, they have gained the best thing in each other, a soul mate, a partner for life, but most importantly, a best friend forever. Pyar dosti hai! (Love is friendship!)

Cast & Crew
Venue – The View at Morgan Hill
Entertainment – DJ Jimbo
Cake – Sweet Girlz
Photo – Catrina Carlson Photography
Video – Bar None Films
Flowers – Bloomie’s
Officiant – Pastor Keith Laskowski
Hair & Makeup – Lauren’s Makeup Designs