Melissa and Joshua first met while working together in the ER, although it would take a couple of years and a few drinking games at an adult Easter egg hunt before they planned a date. Six months later Josh took a knee in the sand of Aruba and Melissa accepted his proposal.

Their special day began at the lodge of Woodstone Country Club and the men hit the back nine while the women prepared. It was a gorgeous spring day and Woodstone came through as they knew they wanted a place where they could enjoy the outdoors.

They met their guests at their own parish in Bethlehem at Notre Dame Church with Monsignor Baddick marrying them to the heavenly voice of Mike Horvath. Upon returning to Woodstone they entered the ballroom with a little help from Carnivale, the baddest band on the planet. After partying the night away they ended their evening around the bonfire before retiring to their suite in the lodge. “It was a day of love, music, laughter, and dancing that will be in our hearts forever.”

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