Their Story:
Her Version
Back when we were sophomores in college, I met Adam at a mutual friend’s birthday party. After an unspecified number of beverages, I decided that I would very casually introduce myself to him and express my interest in getting to know him further. I may have been a touch overzealous. Baby Adam did not know what to make of this, and so nothing came of our encounter.

We continued to interact occasionally in groups of mutual friends. Finally, during Senior Week, the tables turned. Adam approached me and expressed his interest, but I declined, as I was seeing someone else at the time. After graduation, I stayed at Lehigh to finish my Masters and then moved back home, and Adam moved to Dallas.

Over the years, we maintained light Facebook contact. Finally, in November of 2017, I decided that as I was rapidly approaching 30, it was time to get it together. After compiling a list (with Kyler’s help) of geographically desirable targets with whom I could see myself getting along with, I set my sights on Adam. I concocted a careful plan to lure him in. On the evening of Lehigh-Lafayette, I threw caution to the wind, drank several glasses of wine, and set my plan in motion (with the help of an adorable picture of Brianne and Jason’s dog via Snapchat). Things went awry when I accidentally (repeatedly) Snapchat called him as a result of a faulty Snapchat design feature and definitely not the wine. Luckily, this sparked a conversation that continued over the next few weeks. In early December, I took a train out to NYC for our first date, which consisted of drinking wine and watching Star Wars together. He’s been stuck with me ever since. Also, he totally thought us dating was his idea.

His Version
It was totally my idea.



Cast & Crew
Venue – Bell Gate Farms
Church – Packer Memorial Church
Entertainment – Bar None
Cake – Pappy’s Orchard (pies); Vegan Treats (groom’s cake)
Photo – Scott @ Littlewing Studios
Video – Bar None Films
Flowers – Phoebe Floral
Officiant – Rabbi Steve Lebow
Hair & Makeup – Alisha Nycole & Co