Film a wedding, edit it the same day on the fly, and show it at the reception! Thats the Same Day Edit Film. Talk about pressure, but when we thought of how cool it would be to see your wedding film on your wedding day it was just something we had to make happen. That’s where Maria and Leo came in, we told them that this was something that we were interested in doing, and they were willing to take a chance that we could pull it off!

Well they made it easy on us with having the perfect day, getting married at a beautiful Philadelphia church, and having their reception at the gorgeous Drexelbrook. I am so proud to be part of the day that Maria and Leo had, and was ecstatic at the reaction that the film received when he showed it right before the end of the reception. Now that we had a chance to do one of these Same Day Edits, we are hooked and we want to start doing a whole lot more of them!

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