Where does one begin to describe the sheer splendor of Kylie and Jack’s wedding, an affair that celebrated love in the most enchanting way possible? Hosted at the historic and breathtaking ArtsQuest SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA, it was an event that captured the hearts of everyone in attendance. The captivating footage we were able to catch tells the story of their love in the most magnificent way. A visual poetry woven together, it showcases every intricate detail and special moment, forever immortalized.

VenueArtsQuest SteelStacks: The venue itself was nothing short of spectacular. The juxtaposition of industrial elegance with timeless romance provided the perfect backdrop for Kylie and Jack’s love story. The rich history and architectural beauty were captured with precision, paying homage to a landmark that has stood witness to countless memories.

EntertainmentRockin Ramaley: With Kevin as the MC, they lived up to their reputation as the gold standard for DJs in the area. Their mastery in entertaining guests and their flawless selection of music set the tone for a lively and unforgettable evening. Kevin also adds those extras that both excite the guests and create super fun video footage. The film vibrantly captures the energy and excitement they brought to the event.

CakeAmy’s Creative Cakes: A masterpiece in its own right, the wedding cake was an artistic expression of taste and design. Elegant and tasteful, it was more than just a dessert; it was a centerpiece that added to the event’s grandeur.

PhotoRooted Image Photography: Working seamlessly alongside the filming crew, Rooted Image Photography captured still moments that were equally mesmerizing. Their eye for detail and natural flair for catching emotions added an extra layer of magic to the day.

FlowersRich Mar Florist: The floral arrangements by Rich Mar Florist were breathtaking in their beauty. Each bouquet and centerpiece was designed with thoughtfulness, reflecting the color and theme of the wedding and adding a touch of natural elegance that resonated throughout the venue.

OfficiantLyle van Hekken (Jack’s brother): The personal connection and sincere words from Lyle made the ceremony uniquely touching. His heartfelt delivery as he officiated the union of Kylie and Jack brought an authenticity to the ceremony that was deeply moving.

Hair & MakeupMakeup by Roxy: The Roxy teams’s exceptional skills in hair and makeup made the bridal party look stunning. Their attention to detail and ability to enhance natural beauty was evident in every frame, adding a touch of glamour to an already dazzling day.

In summary, this wedding was a masterpiece, a symphony of love, and a celebration brought to life by some of the most talented vendors in the area. Every element was expertly coordinated and captured with artistry by my filming crew, resulting in a cinematic experience that Kylie, Jack, and all their loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

Every beat, smile, tear, and laugh is etched in time, thanks to Kylie & Jack. The film stands as a testament to love’s timeless beauty and the remarkable craftsmanship of all the vendors involved in making Kylie and Jack’s wedding a day to remember.

Cast & Crew
Venue – ArtsQuest SteelStacks
Entertainment – Rockin Ramaley
Cake – Amy’s Creative Cakes
Photo – Rooted Image Photography
Video – Bar None Films
Flowers – Rich Mar Florist
Officiant – Lyle van Hekken (Jack’s brother)
Hair & Makeup – Makeup by Roxy