Jessica and Dane had their first date on the Friday of Labor Day weekend in 2012 after weeks of chatting online, where they “met.” She lived in Bethlehem and he lived in Princeton, NJ, a distance that could make beginning any new relationship tough. After a stellar first date at The Bethlehem Brew Works and a walk up the block to Jessica’s alma matter, Moravian College, the night ended with Dane giving Jessica his Coast Guard baseball cap to wear and think of him, as it was uncertain how often the two would be able to see each other.

Jessica and Dane spent the entire holiday weekend texting away about their future. A few short months later, Jessica was able to get a job in NJ and see Dane a great deal more. Soon after, he was on his way to fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, by gaining entrance into one of five highly coveted alternate route positions in the police academy. Dane was hired a few months later with a police department across the state, in Ramsey, NJ. After this big move that required a job change for Jessica, he knew that he was ready to make things official. In the dining room of the the home that they were planning to purchase, under the rouse of “measuring for furniture,” he popped the question.

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