Jazmin & Austin – Harmony Hall Estates – Wedding Highlight Film

Austin and Jazmin met as freshman at Elizabethtown College. Although they were both Communications majors at a small college and even had a few classes together, they had never officially met until they both attended the same campus event. This event was a comedy show that ironically starred ‘dating experts’ Dave & Ethan. After the show, Austin and Jazmin happened to be next to each other in line waiting to get flyers signed. A conversation started, casual flirting ensued and the rest was history!

Austin and Jazmin’s relationship started as a close-friendship that soon blossomed into a relationship that made it’s way from college classes, campus events and movie nights in dorm common areas to weekend trips with family, studying abroad in England for an entire year, travelling the world together, graduating college, getting their own place together to start their careers in Harrisburg, being pet parents to both a kitten and a puppy and so much more!

In November 2016, Austin and Jazmin went on their first cruise along with the rest of De Jesus family to Florida and the Bahamas. The trip was booked more than a year before their departure and as much as they all prepared for a vacation they’d never forget, Jazmin had no idea that there was much more in store than she anticipated. On November 22nd 2016, Austin led Jazmin to the top deck for a 5-year anniversary surprise. When she arrived she found numerous photos of them together from throughout their relationship strung up with twinkly lights. Austin reminisced some of their memories together and then said there was one more surprise left. He prompted her to close her eyes and turn around. See what happened next –> here.

Cast & Crew

Venue – Harmony Hall Estates
Entertainment – Klock Entertainment
Cake – Flour Child Bakery
Photo – One Thirty Nine Photography
Video – Bar None Films
Flowers – Plenty of Pedals
Officiant – Michelle Whitlock