Hanna and Samuel’s wedding, held at the historic Rusty Rail Brewing Company in Mifflinburg, PA, was nothing short of cinematic magic. This elegant celebration took place inside a grand edifice that once served as the heartbeat of the Mifflinburg Body Works – an establishment that crafted wood bodies for the iconic Model T trucks back in 1911. With each frame, one could almost hear the whispers of bygone eras blending seamlessly with the palpable excitement of Hanna and Samuel’s big day.

Every detail of this wedding was thoughtfully curated. The space itself, with its cavernous interiors, provided the perfect canvas for a love story that seemed to resonate with the very bricks and mortar of the building. The entertainment was vivaciously brought to life by the electric sounds of the Bachelor Boy Band, ensuring the dance floor was never empty.

But what’s a celebration without the sweet touch of dessert? Bella’s Bliss Bakery tantalized taste buds, while the wedding cake from Made with Love not Gluten was a heartfelt masterpiece, marrying taste with heartfelt sentiment. The delicate flowers by Scott’s Florals were more than just arrangements – they were poetic compositions in bloom, adding fragrance and color to every corner.

Antiquity Photography captured the day with a finesse that only they could deliver, ensuring each moment was immortalized in its raw beauty. And, of course, the spiritual core of the ceremony was grounded by the profound words and blessings of Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer.

Rikki Feerar of The Beauti Loft and Primp Hair Salon were the behind-the-scenes magicians, enhancing the bridal party’s beauty, making sure every lock and lash was perfect.

With every heartfelt glance and tender embrace between Hanna and Samuel, I was reminded of why I love capturing such profound moments. Amidst the grandeur of the historic venue and the meticulous details crafted by exceptional vendors, it was the genuine emotion shared by the couple that truly became the heart of this film. At Bar None Films, we aim to encapsulate the very essence of these timeless stories. As I present this film to you, I am filled with pride and hope that you’ll be as moved by Hanna and Samuel’s love story as I was while capturing it.

Cast & Crew
Venue – Rusty Rail Brewing Company
Entertainment – Bachelor Boy Band
Desserts – Bella’s Bliss Bakery
Wedding Cake – Made with Love not Gluten
Photo – Antiquity Photography
Video – Bar None Films
Flowers – Scott’s Florals
Officiant – Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer
Makeup – Rikki Feerar @ The Beauti Loft
Hair – Primp Hair Salon