We feature flat rate DJ packages. Many companies charge additional fees for items such as time over 4-5 hours, for lighting options that we include (including the very popular uplighting) or 2nd or even 3rd PA systems for ceremony or cocktail hour. These items are included in our flat rate price!

Rate: 1,500.00


  • Full Reception plus cocktail and ceremony if needed NO hours breakdown ceremony and cocktail are included if needed!
  • Up to 3 PA systems. (additional for cocktail hour or *on-site ceremony)
  • Dancefloor lighting. Customized for each client.
  • Pre-planning that includes at least 1 walk-through of the venue (venues within 50 miles of the Lehigh Valley) and our online itinerary and playlist system.
  • Optional Haze Machines
  • Uplighting included! – Up to 16 cans complimentary. Over 16 @ 9.99 each.

Options (There are only a few options that we charge additional fees for)

  • Pinspotting 399.99 – Individually light each centerpiece. Up to 20 tables included. (Additional over 20 @ 19.99 each)
  • Custom GOBO – (monogram projection) – 199.99 from our templates or 299.99 for a custom!