What an amazing site the Niagra Falls National Park is, to spend a day just standing next to the stunningly massive waterfalls and watching the endless water flow into a seemingly “another world” valley where the water sits comparatively still as the birds circle peacefully. Well, bookending our filming in Hawaii, we were given that exact gift from Deanna and Mark as they held their ceremony by the falls and later had their floor shaking reception at Monterre Vineyards in Orefield, PA.

The vineyard reception was also a perfect second act to these wonderful families new journey, with a truly heartfelt design and decor to the charming old fashioned soul of the reception festivities. I would highly recommend having this venue on your watch list if your wedding is at or under 130 people. The staff went out of their way to take care of Deanna and Mark, as well as our photography and film crews!