Caitlyn & Michael – Saucon Valley Country Club – Highlight Wedding Film – Bethlehem, PA – Packer Memorial Church Lehigh University

Caitlyn & Michael met at a Halloween party while both attending Lehigh University, even though Caitlyn had known him from his alter-ego “Rocco” from a previous english class. After hanging out a couple times, (and turning him down!) they became good friends. Its was only later at a frozen tundra party that Caitlyn had finally worked up the courage to say, “You know you can kiss me.” And the rest, is history.

With Lehigh University such a strong party of their story, it was only fitting that their New Year’s wedding took place at Packer Memorial Church. Immediately after they were married, an early and impromptu fireworks display bursted out by the chapel. I think someone was saying something there!

The night continued with the two newly combined families eating, drinking, and dancing the night away at the awesome Saucon Valley Country Club.

Cast & Crew
Venue: Saucon Valley Country Club
Church: Packer Memorial Church Lehigh Campus
Photography: Sam Rodriguez – SR Wedding Story
Entertainment: Bar None Weddings