Rob and Brooke met in high school in a school environmental club in 2007. The two were on a field trip at a rock climbing gym when they first started talking. Brooke was helping a lot of her friends climb the wall when Rob asked her if she wanted to climb the wall. She was hesitant to let her climb with his help but finally she climbed to the top with his help. Later that night he messaged her on Facebook to text him sometime. The two text back and forth for a couple months before he finally asked her out. The two had to keep it a secret from Brooke’s parents because of a rule her mom set of no dating until her summer of her junior year.

In 2009 the two went to Robs Senior Prom. Rob graduated high school in June. He left for Penn Tech in August of 2009. Rob came home every weekend to see Brooke. In 2010 Brooke and Rob went to Brooke’s Senior Prom. Brooke graduated high school in June of 2010.

High School

All throughout high school and college Rob and Brooke did many things together. They traveled up and down the east coast, went to camper shows with Brooke’s family, took hikes to see waterfalls, went on car rides to the middle of no where, they went to all the local fairs, and they ate their fair share of ice cream together. The two were always together, oh and Jonathan was usually with them too.


Brooke and Rob travelled back and forth from each other’s college in Clarion and Williamsport. They were always adventuring around in Clarion or Williamsport with their friends there. They would go to Antique stores, look for Amish while eating ice cream; they would go Geocaching and adventure up to the Niagara Falls.


Rob graduated from Penn Tech College in August of 2013. Right after his graduation Rob and Brooke moved Rob to Detroit, Michigan for his new job with Ford. Brooke and Rob traveled back and forth from Clarion and Detroit every other weekend. Brooke graduated Clarion University in May of 2014 and moved back home to Easton.

Cleveland, Ohio

Brooke and Rob moved to Medina, OH in March 2015. Rob was now a Field Service Engineer and Brooke was trying to find a teaching position. Rob and Brooke explored Ohio as much as they could. Participating in holiday activities and different festivals around the area.Brooke and Rob decided they needed to add a dog to their life. In August 2015, they drove to Lancaster, PA to pick up their newest addition to their family. Tucker fit right in with our crazy life of new jobs, new area, and new friends. During this time Rob was enjoying his new job and Brooke found a teaching job in Akron. She started out as a 2nd grade teacher and then looped with her students to 3rd grade the next school year. In 2016, Brooke and Rob found a house to rent down the road from their apartment. Tucker now had a ton of land to run and Rob wasn’t stuck in an apartment complex anymore. Brooke and Rob traveled to Las Vegas and St. Croix in 2016. While they were in St. Croix Brooke’s family and Rob planned his grand proposal to Brooke on the beach during a sunset. Brooke’s mom talked to the local to find the perfect spot for a sunset on the beach and which day would be the best sunset. Jonathan and Rob hid the ring from Brooke. She had no clue any of this planning was going on and was very surprised when she turned around from watching the sunset to see Rob on his one knee and a ring in his hand.


Cast & Crew

Venue –Β Monterre Vineyards
Entertainment –Β Bar None Entertainment
Cake –Β Phyliss ( Monterre )
Photo –Β Cassiano Oliveira
Video –Β Bar None Films
Flowers –Β Jan McGuinly
Officiant –Β Alice Joy Hessinger