Andrea and Peter both went to Notre Dame High School in Easton, PA. However, she was already a Junior when he first became a Freshman. She graduated in 2005, he in 2007. They knew of each other through mutual friends, but she claims she never paid him any attention! He claims that she was his high school crush and that no other girl compared to her, she was his standard. He was friends with her younger sister and says he would always tell her to put in a good word for him… she don’t recall this much. haha!

But to fast forward oh, 13 or so years… in short, she had been through a tragic circumstance with the loss of my boyfriend (soon to be fiancé) in 2013. She never thought she’d truly find anyone again and had “given up” on the love scene. It was around Christmas in 2017 when she was talking with her sister and mentioned, “if I ever did find someone again I would like them to be musically inclined.” She was kind of joking, but not really as she absolutely loves music and plays the piano.

A couple days later she sent her a text saying, “ANDIE!….PETER LUNDY!” Which she replied, “Um, what?” From there they spent the next couple hours “stalking” him on instagram, he sang and played the guitar, was in the military and just so happened to be pretty cute. She suddenly became quite interested. A few days later she decided to reach out to him. She sent him a private message on instagram saying, “Peter Lundy, what’s this I hear you’re THE one?” He replied with, “Andrea Kocher, I don’t know about being capital “THE” one, but I am someone.” At the time Pete was in the military but in the process of transitioning out. They would talk for hours. First through messaging on instagram, to texting and then finally phone calls that would last all night long. It’s all history from there!

Cast & Crew

Church: Holy Family Church, Nazareth PA
Reception Venue: Riverview Country Club, Easton PA
Entertainment: Bar None Weddings
Strings: Penn Strings
Cake: Riverview Country Club Caterer
Photo : Lytle Photography Co
Video : Bar None Films
Flowers : Pondeleks, Hellertown PA
Officiant : Father Stephan Isaac
Hair: Danielle Hyndman
Makeup: Beauty by Bennett

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