We are proud to now offer Amber LED uplighting! Pinks, purples and blues are very “in” right now and for the right venue, color scheme and the right couple they definitely look fantastic, but in our opinion nothing beats the classic timeless elegance of Amber Candlelight Uplighting! Our new LED uplights feature new techonology allowing truer oranges, deep purples and yellows in addition to Amber and White allowing even more customization of color schemes. We can’t wait to post some photos within the next 3 weeks of events done in Amber Lighting. In the meantime below is a sample photo of a facility that has in-house natural Amber lighting built into wall sconces. This is representative of the look we can achieve with of our new amber fixtures. We will post some samples in the next few weeks, including one particular event we are very excited for in one of the most unique venues we’ve worked in!