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Based in Lehigh Valley but also travel the world for the best weddings. Cinematic story telling for modern brides and grooms. Beautiful images and compelling story telling combined to make your wedding shine.

Highlight Film

Bar None Wedding Films

We have several options for your special day. We charge a base price starting at $2500 and then you have options from there. Regardless of which option we shoot for up to 8 hours because we want to make sure we capture the whole day.

Highlight Film

This short film (3-5 min), set to music, sums up the special day in a very entertaining nutshell. This product is great for today’s clients because we can upload this film directly to their social networking website (like facebook) where all their friends can enjoy it nearly instantly from anywhere in the world. Additionally, being hosted on the web means that you can send a link to loved ones who were unable to attend and they can watch as well. We have found this to be very popular because it is the sweet spot between capturing the entire day and keeping peoples famously short attention spans entertained. Example

Same Day Edit

A special version of the Highlight Film focusing more on Prep, Ceremony, and Post Ceremony that is presented at your wedding reception! You’re guests will be wowed by the elegant film made just that day of your unique day. Plus, even better, you get the final product the next week after your wedding, probably before you’re even back from your honeymoon! Example

Wedding Film

Short “Signature Edit” film – Again sticking with the highly compelling moments from the day, this film will include the entire day in cinematic style. The best audio from speeches and touching sentiments will be included in such a way that tells the unique story of your day. We pride ourselves on capturing the feature film in a way that even a total stranger would find highly entertaining, which translates from our experience to something that will be cherished by our clients. Example

Add a Highlight Film or Same Day Edit to your Signature Edit for a small fee.

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    Meg & Julia - Monterre Vineyards

    We had DJ service, photography and videography for our wedding. Everyone was so accommodating and so easy to work with! You guys made it fun and made it special! You caught every beautiful moment there was to be caught! We know we asked for a lot of photos with our family, yet you guys didn't blink an eye at our requests! The video that you put together, to show at the end of our day, made our hearts skip a beat and our knees go weak! Everyone raved about how you all did such a beautiful job! Thank you again for making our day such a special day!

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    Daniela & Eric - Ravelo Italy

    Bar None Weddings was the best! Offering three services all in one place definitely took a lot of stress out of my wedding planning. We used Trevor (photographer) and Trai (videographer) for our destination wedding in Ravello, Italy as well as our US reception in Leola, PA. They are both professional and so talented in what they do. They really captured the love that was felt throughout the day in Ravello and they became one of the family by the end of the trip. I wouldn't have wanted to work with any other photographer or videographer! They were able to turn around a handful of pictures, as well as our 5 minute destination wedding trailer in under two weeks upon arriving back in the states which was very impressive. We were then able to share these beautiful pictures and video at our US reception, which they both covered as well. I would highly recommend working with them, especially if you're planning a destination wedding. Thank you Trevor, Trai, and Ron! You guys are the best!

Same Day Edit

We are one of the few companies that provide the Same Day Edit, and amazing film of your wedding day presented at your reception!

Destination Weddings


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