Kay & William – Monterre Vineyards – Wedding Highlight Film – Orefield, PA

Second Wind….

There is no better reminder of the grace given by God through the seasons of change than is found in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Through their journey and life experiences Kay and William have learned that there is a time for every matter under heaven and that He has made everything beautiful in its time including their love for one another.

Their story is an interesting one no doubt but one filled with the normal twists and turns of life.

You know the story…Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, girl decides she was married too young and divorces boy then grows up and wants boy back. Well on second thought maybe their story is a bit unique.

They have undoubtedly learned a few life lessons along their 40 something years on this earth and they will surely learn a few more, God willing. They have learned that there are some right and wrong reasons to marry; that marriage is more about what you give than receive; that love with the benefit of time can equal something pretty special. And the most important lesson according to William is that there is some truth to the old saying…a happy wife a happy life! Just a little humor to balance this serious occasion. For those who know them you know they are a couple that truly likes to laugh and enjoy being with family, friends and especially one another.

They know that God is a God of reconciliation and they have been blessed with a second act for a life journey together!
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