Sarah & Andy – Same Day Edit – Monterre Vineyards Wedding Film – Orefield PA

When Sarah and Andy first met it was through a mutual friend Gerry.

On that night, Sarah and Andy played a game of pool together. Andy started telling Sarah what a great pool player she was, when in reality as anyone who knows Sarah,… she is a pretty lousy pool player!

Andy was trying so very hard to impress Sarah, He liked her, and was interested, very interested indeed!
Their relationship began almost before they even realized what was happening!

Later on that evening, they decided to get a drink and talk some more and went over to the nearby Sands. Since they were at the casino Andy issued Sarah a bet…..”If you win you kiss me, and if I win I kiss you!! Sarah accepted the challenge that night, we will say no more.

Soon after that, Andy gave Sarah a note asking her if she would be his girlfriend, she accepted his offer!
Andy’s proposal of marriage came several years after that first night at the casino during Thanksgiving, and it involved another note!

Andy slid across a bar, a small piece of white table paper on which he had written, “I am grateful for you!” Will you marry me? On the bottom of the paper were two boxes one said yes and the other said no, waiting for Sarah’s answer from a check mark in one of the boxes!

Fast forward a year later to their wedding which was celebrated with their closest friends and family. It was a beautiful event that they will cherish always.

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Same Day Edit Film - Montere Vineyards - Orefield PA Wedding Video